Annette Dollard grew up in a small town in Denmark, where her passions were music and motorsports. She was a regular bookworm with a true love of words. She wrote her first song at the age of nine (a lullaby for her favorite teddy), and a couple of years later, she wrote stories about the exciting life, she and her girlfriends no doubt would lead after marrying Rockstars!

At school, she had a favorite teacher, who encouraged her to sell her stories to magazines. After a failed try, she succeeded, and it inspired her to continue writing.

In her youth, she wrote songs and poetry. A great deal of those have been published in her poetry collection, “Nattevandring”. One of the poems won a national contest, and the prize was leatherwear in the value of 10.000 dk.

During the 80ies, Annette Dollard worked as a radio DJ. At the same time, she founded a small company, producing handmade skincare and wellness soaps from natural sources. That company still exists under the name Anvardo Skincare.

During the 90ies, she was educated as a herbal therapist, and for a while she had her own health clinic.

Later, she wrote Barbie books for a children´s book club in Denmark.

She has written articles for the homepages of famous Danish racecar drivers, Jason Watt and Casper Elgaard.