18 Oct

I am proud!

This Fall, I am very proud of myself! For a while, I haven´t written much because…..well, because Life happened. I have been busy with all the stuff that comes with being a wife, a mom, and a generally creative person who makes soap and skincare products. To mention a few things. Then I suddenly got my writer´s urge back. (I think that is a word!) So I dug up the script to “Ctrl Alt Del” and decided to finish translating it to English. I had started that some years back, but never finished it. This time, I did! And then I proofread it. And then I proofread it again….and again….and again. During that process, I realized something: it is almost impossible to proofread your own words! (there is an apology hidden here – I am sure there are plenty of typos on this page too (embarrassed emoji)) Anyway – this is all done, and “Ctrl Alt Del” is now on sale in webshops around the world, both in Danish and in English! It has been a long journey, and this is what I´m proud of: all the work that I´ve done. It feels good. Now the book is out there, and it lives it own life. Or dies trying. Because that´s the next phase. One that I can´t control. Actually, my sense of succes has very little to do with how well the book sells. Of course, I would love it to sell well, but that is basically out of my hands and into everybody else´s. On that note, I will say that I am really doing an effort this time to be visible and approachable for any readers. Because of that, I am starting this blog, and I have a facebook page and a instagram page where people can find me and like or comment my writing. So, now I have set things in motion. I am out there in the world of words and pictures! Let´s see how it goes….